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The coordinates, 45° north 63° west, are the center point in the province of Nova Scotia. These aren't mere numbers. Not any spot on the map. This is Nova Scotia's code. A little removed from the rest, but connected to the world by the waters of the Atlantic. The premium quality of our seafood is inextricably linked to its place of origin and perceived sustainability, so we have purposefully designed a logo that strongly ties our brand to Nova Scotia – in geography and spirit.

Nova Scotia Seafood's new mark is inspired by nautical design with clean lines and clear type. In a world that is moving quickly towards demanding better traceability of food products, developing a clear and transparent chain of origin can help further leverage our seafood brand. Nova Scotia Seafood’s logo was designed with traceability in mind – even without any accompanying content, anyone can search for these coordinates and quickly be directed to content that is Nova Scotia, Canada.

Nova Scotia Seafood Industry

Nova Scotia is Canada's #1 seafood exporter. The Nova Scotia Seafood brand promotes the province in 75 international markets. Our three largest seafood export markets are United States, China and the European Union. 35% of Canada's shellfish exports come from Nova Scotia and we supply over three-quarters of all scallops exported from Canada. Download our Nova Scotia Indusry Fact Sheet for more information.

How to Cook & Eat Lobster

Nova Scotia is the primary supplier of live lobster from Canada. Our lobster is prized for its hard shelled and full meat qualities. Lobster continues to be the most valualbe export overall for Nova Scotia; bringing in more than $953 million. It is followed by crab at $225 million, scallops at $141 million and shrimp at $113 million. Download our How to Cook Lobster and How to Eat a Cooked Lobster instructions.