Trademarks and Licencing

The “Nova Scotia Seafood” trademark is a collective label that differentiates premium Nova Scotia seafood in the global marketplace and adds value across the Nova Scotia seafood industry. Nova Scotia seafood is unique because it not only originates from our cold, pristine waters, but also utilizes several generations of experience and modern knowledge and technology and is harvested and farmed in a sustainable manner. The “Nova Scotia Seafood” trademark conveys to consumers all over the world that seafood bearing the trademark embodies these important qualities. That is the benefit which the trademark offers across the board, to the entire Nova Scotia seafood industry. We want to ensure that all vested partners accrue the same benefits from the trademark, by building and maintaining a premium global brand. Accordingly, we have developed strict guidelines for the use of the trademark. To ensure that premium products are represented under the Nova Scotia Seafood Brand, interested companies will be required to meet a defined set of administrative and product criteria. Companies must comply with applicable regulatory requirements and demonstrate a commitment to continuous improvement through quality assurance documentation. By obtaining a license to utilize the "Nova Scotia Seafood" trademark on products and promotional material, companies can benefit from the marketing investments made by Nova Scotia Seafood.

Nova Scotia Seafood Export Directory

The Nova Scotia Department of Fisheries and Aquaculture is currently seeking input from Nova Scotia seafood companies for the 2018 Nova Scotia Seafood Export Company Directory which will be housed on the Nova Scotia Seafood Brand’s website. If you export Nova Scotia seafood, please download and complete the application form and return it before Friday, November 2.

Marketing Materials

Nova Scotia Seafood has a full library of point of sale and promotional materials - you will find some of those featured below. For more information, please contact us